Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease End Charges

My Jeep Grand Cherokee lease ends in a month, and despite really liking the vehicle, I’m leaving the brand until they resolve their crash test shortcomings. I’m working on some deals with other brands and will try to get the dealer to purchase my Jeep. The first dealer I negotiated with said they’d purchase it and it’d basically be a wash for them. I mostly agree with them, and would really just be happy for them to take it off my hands vs turning it in and paying the disposition fee, and likely new tires.

I’m hoping some of you could share your experiences with turning in your vehicle to Jeep, and what they’ve charged you for, and how much. I’m trying to assess the value of the dealer purchasing my Jeep at a wash vs turning it in.

First step really needs to be determining your 3rd party buy out and get some purchase quotes from carvana/shift/vroom/etc so that you know what kind of equity you’re actually dealing with.