Jeep Grand Cherokee L summit deal check


Deal is in New Jersey on a new 2022 Jeep Grans Cherokee L summit
Please look at this and let me know if it’s a good deal at least in the current market. My ram is due up. Thanks

It’s great and above the 8.5% off we are seeing here. The 2022 L isn’t released so this is for an order? The residual and MF must be approximated since we don’t have numbers yet. Your tax rate is slightly wrong as it would be .4 more since it’s over $45K In NJ.

It was just cost to the ball park as they can get. And yes 2022 to it’s an order.

Great deal as long as they commit to base MF, no dealer add-ons, etc. deposit should be refundable too so risk free

That’s the luxury surcharge fee (technically a title fee) and it’s 0.4% of the selling price

And is likely accounted for in the $600 govt fee which is usually in the $300s