Jeep Grand Cherokee L - should I do it?

2022 Grand Cherokee L 4x4 Limited

Here’s the deal I have. What do y’all think?

I’m new to all this and have been reading and reading and calculating. I’m second guessing myself.

39 months / 12k
3576 DAS

Location is Texas.

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How does this compare to broker advertised deals? Especially to @Clutch since his dealer is near TX.

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What are you trading in? Can’t black that out, it counts.

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Is this for an in stock unit? Seems decent if so since it’s 5%+ off but you need to confirm MF. Try to dump the etching too.

I’m not trading it.
They inquired about it but I had a better buy offer from carmax and supposedly they are covering taxes anyway.

It’s listed on there but I’m not trading.

Yes in stock.
They refuse to dump etching. This is all being done by phone. I have requested MF/RV and they aren’t giving it up. Doing my best to use calculators and all info I have to determine if this is decent or not.

About the same actually.

They may not even know, go to Edmunds forums to get this, and the calcs will fall into place.

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I was also inquiring the GC L in the last few weeks, and got similar quote for 2022 limited in Texas. If you are open to 2021 models, can get it lower than $600… I decided to pass it as I feel the price is still too high and will wait it out…

Fyi, the Altitude is the sweet spot, IMHO. Just add moonroof. Have to decide for yourself if the LTD adds other stuff you care about for what amounts to something like $100/mo more.

Calcs are here that you can play around with and see all RVs and MFs. 🐶 Feb Acura-BMW-Lexus-Audi-Jeep-Toyota-CDJR - Cash Lease Equity! A4/X3 6% - Jeep 4XE 9.25% w/$299 Fee


I’m open to both an Altitude or limited. Sunroof isn’t a need for me and would prefer not to have one.
I’m searching high and low. I’m impatient but I also not in need.

I may just wait it out as well.

I’m thinking I may just have to order one.
I like the aesthetics of the Altitude more in my opinion. Husband likes leather but not a must for me. Really want rear entertainment though for the kiddos.
May just have to order one :woman_shrugging:

Still navigating the ordering process as well. Investing a lot of brain power on all this.

I have always bought well, so I’m determined to lease well too!

There’s a reason that all of us getting jeeps are ordering them. You’ll get a much better deal.

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