Jeep Grand Cherokee - Best May sales ever!

For those of you looking into FCA products:

Jeep Grand Cherokee sales #s in 2019 are going strong. Kinda weird since it’s the end of their cycle for this chassis and their incentives are just average. New design slated for 2021.

Jeep Cherokee, Compass, Renegade sales are down compared to last year so perhaps you can get a better deal this summer.

Also the Ram truck and Dodge Charger sales are doing well. Fiat and Alfa Romeo not doing so well in US sales.

I’m just disappointed they delayed the refresh from 2020 to 2021. Both of our GCs are due in 2021 and I certainly do not want to be an early adopter of the redesign, plus I’m sure they’ll be super expensive in their 1st year.

Had the redesign stayed in 2020, that’d give us at least a yr and change to see any issues arise plus a chance for prices to level off

Yeah I don’t think its wise to buy/lease the 1st/2nd year for any FCA products. :rofl:

The WK2 came out in 2011. The GC had a bunch of glitches in model year 2012 - 2013. Then a bunch of recalls from 2014 - 2015. I know cause I had a 2015 JGC Altitude. Model year 2016 was when it got more stable. This current design and chassis is outdated compared to other competitors but still looks like a beast on the road and Uconnect is one of the best user-friendly systems out there. I’m surprised the sales has increased month over month in 2019. But then I read this:

@gc2a swap for a 2020 model. Should be plenty of discounts and incentives on last year. :smiley: