Jeep Grand Cherokee altitude

Hey guys.

I have a preliminary offer on a $41000 GC altitude of $380 a month and $3000 down. Obviously I feel like this can be lower. Are there any dealers out there who can help me with something better? I am helping my father in law with this and he is willing to do something else if the prize is right.

Any brokers care to help? I am in the NY area btw. And need a 36/12k lease.

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If you in LI the salesman i bought my jeeps from can do better. I think i send someone to him and he did a limited for 399 with 1600 in drive offs. 44k and change msrp i believe. Without conquest or loyalty. 36/10k though. There are brokers here that can help in broker section as well. Nyclife is one in tristate with good reviews.

Thanks for the response. He is looking to do the altitude though. He likes the look better.

I am sure they can get an Altitude. I was just giving an example. Again, depends on how hungry they are to move a unit.