Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude help negotiating

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I’ve been negotiating with several Jeep dealerships for a GC Altitude and it seems like no one wants to come much off MSRP. Is this normal for Jeep? I see people getting about 10% off MSRP but the best I’m getting is 4-5%.

Once they make an offer for a selling price what should my response be? Should I ask for a bigger discount than I actually want hoping they’d meet somewhere in the middle or would that just annoy them? This whole process has been very frustrating.

Best way i go about it is to lay it out for them. Sell price minus rebates plus tax and dmv and then apply residual and mf and come up with your payment.

Sort of echoing what NY13 is saying as far as coming up with your own payment - it is probably the approach that has worked best for me, assuming that your numbers are within reason. You also have to understand that if they have no issue selling/leasing the car at 5% off MSRP fairly regularly, then they have no reason to discount 10% to you. Sometimes they may just want to move cars to hit numbers but timing certainly makes a difference.

What is a good number for an Altitude with an MSRP of $43,525? I’m thinking around $450 a month with everything rolled in.

I think with the current incentives you could get a bit lower for the best deal. Really all depends on how much you’re able to negotiate the dealer discount.