Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 High Altitude

Hi all

Never bought a lease car before and now considering getting one of the above on lease.

I’m in FL and on the Jeep website they say it’s about $450 per month with $4500 down for 36 months.

This doesn’t sound good value to me, I’ve spoken to a local dealer and he’s come up with a similar deal and tried to tell me if I put more down then I can pay less per month - which is obvious but misses the point about total cost over the term. With a vehicle cost of around $42,000 (after all incentives etc) I think it should be something like zero down and well under $400 per month and wondered if anyone had some tips about who I should go to for a better deal?

Thanks in advance

Your first step will be to educate yourself on the ins and outs of leasing from this forum. If you don’t the dealer will take full advantage of you as you can see from your initial (laughable) offer. Congrats on posting here before you sign! That alone will save you thousands, literally.

Thanks. That’s just what I’m trying to do - and learning fast. Really thinking about getting one of the auto brokers to do it all for me once I have a feel for what a good deal looks like !

You don’t need a broker. There are big cash incentives on the 18 Jeep GC. Edmunds will give you the incentives, MF (interest rate) and residual value. Use the lease calculator here to get the payment.

Thanks, I’ve tried the calculator and it comes out at $256 per month which cant be right - as much as I would like it to be, any ideas where I’m going wrong

MSRP - 52,860
Buying for - 42,000
Discount - 10,860
Money factor - .002
Residual 51%

Your doc fee is much higher and you are counting the $10860 discount twice.


That money factor is atrocious. Are you sure that’s correct? I’m looking at a GC Limited 4x2 and MF is 0.00005 which is basically free money so I’m rolling everything into the lease. Right around $430 or so a month sign and drive. I’m also in Florida. Still shopping for a last minute deal and hoping the dealer that leased me my Charger Scat Pack needs to move a unit. Don’t need the car but want and suv for the wife. Might have to wait for terrain or equinox deals tho.

Ok, so I’ve gone back to the dealer and got the money factor changed, it’s now 0.00001 (.0.025%) so free money!!

Anyone got an idea what I should be paying for the car after all rebates, I currently have a Non FCA lease so I should qualify for conquest but what price do you guys think I should be aiming for on a High Altitude 4X4 in FL

Residual is at 51% (Which is $27,724) or 51% on a $53,380 list price (includes the HK Radio)

Currently the car after all discounts and rebates nets to $43,724 - is that good enough or should I be able to get lower?

Lease price is $500 per month (3 yrs, 10k miles) plus $541.13 down - Anyone think it should be lower?

Thanks for all your help really appreciate it