Jeep Gladiator/Wrangler Willys & Willys Sport Deal INSANE $2xx per month 48/10 DAS 1st month + Taxes

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Our dealer is in the DC metro area. I am not aware of a broker in FL

With the FL doc fees, why would you?! Just order from Clutch’s southern dealer and ship it.


Because one likes to make boat payments for the Florida dealer GM??? That 36 ft Gulf of Mexico cruiser doesnt pay for itself.


boats and …

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Not available unfortunately.

About 5 weeks ago Jeep stopped putting the 7" screen as standard on the Willys Gladiator. Now it’s 5" like the Willys Sport.
You now have to choose the $1000 technology package to get a 7" screen on the Willys.

Not on the Gladiator. As long as the Convenience or Cold Weather option is available on the particular trim.

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Hi Clutch,

I am looking for a deal just like this live in Denver, CO could you give me more information and how to get this going?


Hi @jreese16 please email us
Living in CO you are eligible for this deal!

Sample Order:
2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport (3pc hard top, auto trans)
MSRP: $39685
48/10k lease
$1000 due at signing (plus your state’s license and reg)

Requires FCA Affiliate
Includes Western Business Center rebate (must reside in AZ, NV, UT, CO, WA, OR)

Hi Clutch!

Just sent you guys an email!

@leasecompanion @Clutch

Hi! I just moved from NJ to MI like 2 weeks ago then I saw this thread. Do you guys have deals for the Midwest? I’ve been driving around in rental cars for the last two weeks. Need some wheels ASAP. Thanks!

What broker can help me get this deal/a deal in Texas?

In Michigan as well and wondering if there are any deals here too. Need to get a car in the next week.

Are you guys not reading the posts? These cars have to be factory ordered and can take 12-16 weeks to arrive.


Is the Gladiator assembly plant even up right now? :joy:

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Is there a broker that can help me capture this deal? I’m in OH. I sent a few emails but no responses. I would love to move forward on an order.

I don’t have an expectation to have the car asap. In fact, I know the model year changeover means the plants are closed right now anyway, but I have a 4XE and my wife wants either a Willys Sport Wrangler or Gladiator and these prices.

@leaselurker0000 @LiamSmash @al3x24 @TA00

Both Clutch and us can help.

@TA00 you seem to be closer to Clutch’s dealer.

I just submitted the form. I did so a couple of days ago as well. The desired color of the configuration I emailed back changed, either way, so no worries.

We will also have a Friends and Family code. Is the dealer aware of the button they can click to capture this when placing the order, or is that not part of the deal? I ask because F&F is ending on 10/1 and we’d love to take advantage of price protection and to protect the F&F code.

Here’s a Gladiator primer for those interested:

Everyone should spend some time on the “Build a Jeep” page because the options and packages are not priced evenly across the trim levels and in many cases not even close.
RVs aside, (which spread 10 points over the trim levels, MFs vary slightly also) like optioned trims can vary by the thousands and not all options are available on all trims.

A couple for-instances:

Sport and Willys Sport do not have power windows nor is leather, diesel an option but they have the highest RV.

Sport S and Willys (confusing, I know) comes standard with PW, PDL but no leather, no diesel for Sport S, and the very popular Max Tow Package is only available in the Sport, Sport S trim with automatic.

Next up is the Overland which takes a hit on RVs (-8 from base) but has the best value when optioning the vehicle if things like leather, hardtop, and the big 8.4" touchscreen/ premium sound are what you like (all included in the Overland popular package for 3150 which is a total of over 5000 accumulated on other trims.

Rubicon/ Mojave are the highest trims (High Altitude, which is basically a loaded Overland, notwithstanding) and most suited for serious offroading, but also have the lowest RVs (typically 2 points lower than Overland.)

In my opinion, if you’re not going to do serious offroading but want the luxury options, Overland presents the best value price wise though giving away roughly 8 points of Residual Value but once again it’s has a few options not available on the lower trims.

If you’re just looking to get into a cheap gladiator lease, then the Sport and Willys are where it’s at with basic options and very high RVs.

Nicely appointed daily driver (though still perfectly capable in all but extreme off-road scenarios, with just a tire upgrade,) Overland fits the bill but the RV is significantly lower than Sport/S, Willys/S.

Serious offroading under 5 mph? Get the Rubicon for rock climbing and or diesel.
Over 5mph? Go with the Mojave which has better trail running suspension which many owners also say is best on the street too. Mojave does not offer diesel as an option.

Manual and auto is available in all trim levels. Manual is standard (lol) on all trims (except maybe HA) and auto is a 2000 option across the board.

Diesel is available in Willys, Overland, Rubicon, High Altitude.
If you get diesel (+4000) you have to get auto (+2000.) The 3.0L turbo diesel has almost twice the torque, and a combined 5mpg more than the 3.6L NA gas engine. If you drive a lot the diesel will almost pay for itself on fuel savings depending on the price of diesel in your area, and you get the torque benefit (the umph of the gas engine is commonly described as uninspiring. YMMV.)

If you thought the build process couldn’t be more convoluted- Wait!!! There’s more!
I recommend starting at the bottom with engine options and work your way up checking boxes and you’ll be less likely to inadvertantly delete chosen options when picking others.

Yes. I ordered one first week of August and it’s complete and in shipping phase.


Also just emailed over the build.

Dynamite summary! Took me several hours to arrive at many of these points, then I started confusing myself, not writing anything down, of course. Jeep needs a dichotomous key for this particular model! Cheers

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