Jeep Gladiator Deal Analysis

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I’m considering a Jeep Gladiator and have started very initial discussions with dealer. Here’s what they are pitching - 2020 Gladiator Sport for 379 plus tax 0 down 0 security deposit for 10,000 miles a year 48 months. What else besides, residual value, agreed value, dealer acquisition fee, destination fee, price per mile, and the other junk fees should I consider?

MF is important, as well as incentives and you really should think long and hard about a 48 month lease, especially on an fca product with a 3 year/36k warranty. And if you decide a 48 month lease is fine, you should think longer and harder about it.

Also, being an fca lease, you’ll want to know which bank is the captive.

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Thank you for your input. Does FCA stand for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles? What is the concern over 48 months vs 36 months? I’m a newbie so please elaborate. Thank you. I appreciate it very much.

@mllcb42 already explained why.

48 month leases are usually not a good idea for a few reasons. The biggest one is that it can be really expensive to get out of the lease since the car will always be worth less that what it would cost to get out of the lease, especially in the last year when the car depreciates heavily. This may not be a problem if you really intend on keeping the car for the full 48 months (and don’t go over on the miles and return it in good condition), but people’s circumstances change and maybe you would need to get out for some reason? Make sure it’s the car you really want AND you intend to keep it the whole 48 months becauses it’s costly to get out of these leases. Also you won’t be under warranty for the last year. 36 months is a much better term for a lease.