Jeep GC Overland in Long Island NY


Ok so have a potential Jeep GC Overland deal. Its 448 a month with first month and dmv as total drive offs. Terms are 39/10. Jeeps have been flying off LI dealer lots I guess as this is the only dealer i found this low. Msrp is about 50,900. Black on black or white on black. Before anyone jumps they are at about 1000 below invoice and do not have all data. DM if interested and will pass salesman contact info. I think needs to be closed today. Need returning GC leasee by the way.

If it’s actually $1,000 under invoice then the monthly should actually be lower depending on what bank they are running it through. They might be telling you $1,000 under invoice but probably realistically closer to invoice.

Returning Grand Cherokee lease makes a huge difference, literally an extra $3,000 in rebates if your coming out of a grand cherokee versus a regular jeep product.

Going through indirect lender there is about $11,500 in rebates including the grand cherokee loyalty which is why these are such a good deal right now.

Good luck explaining this stuff to the salesmen or Finance Managers that have very strong demand so far. Price is not the best and certainly not bottom dollar. Yeah, 11,500 if you get the IDL bonus cash. Again, but it is the strongest price i have recieved so far. Its about 1000 more than one of the brokers here. If you need a car and need to close soon this is a decent deal. Again, just trying to help someone in LI area. If nobody wants it so be it.