Jeep GC Limited X deal help

Trying to dump my current sunroof limited GC, it’s 405/405 DAS 39/12k for the extra ~3k to Carvana and get at least the headlight upgrade (worst thing about the car) for about the same price. This is where I’m at so far with a limited X.

Dealer Quote
42/12k - 495 a month / 817 DAS
MSRP - 50,135
Init Cap Cost - 47,250
Rebate - 5250
ADJ Price - 42,000
Total taxes - 22,087.82
Gross Cap Cost - 44,087.82

I think this is the calculator link but my inputs could be wrong.

Going to take a 12% discount or so to get where I want to be. Not sure if it’s possible this month. One dealer has a billion Overlands which have 2k more in incentives but mf is .00013. They are also the only dealer with limiteds that have the lighting package. Going to try and work that with them (they’re typically awful to deal with though),the numbers are the same as limited X for the limited.

Not sure if my best option is an overland or limited with extra packages or if it’s just not going to happen this month. Also sucks that 42 months is the best now. Maybe hope stock is still available next month? Will the 2021s be coming in at the end of August and I think they’re at least partially refreshed? I guess I’m some what risking the carvana buyout if I wait.

Check out @Cars4Us when he updates with august numbers if you’re in the NY. He’ll prob have something better since you qualify for loyalty.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for Overlands/Trailhawks myself but tough to negotiate with the current inventory status and since I don’t qualify for loyalty.

Yeah I sent him a message earlier since the numbers should be what I want if his dealer keeps the discount similar. Not sure if he’ll have any inventory to work with though.