Jeep GC Lease number

Here is a Deal I got, they gave me all numbers- where can I get a further discount? Long Island, NY

monthly is $388.44.

2017 GC limited 4x4 36/12k
msrp $42,385
msrp after discount-$44,075 why does it go up?

Total residual $22,887.90
purchase option $23,237.90

vehicle cost $40,951
Vehicle profit ($1351)
Total selling price 39,600

customer rebate ($2750)

Total capital cost $36,850.

amount at signing:
1st month payment $388.44
fees and ins. $85
upfront taxes $1462.27
rebate as cap reduction $2750
total drive off: $4685.71

total cash req on delivery $1935.71

disclosed rate 0.00001

Misc info:
max advance $48,742.75
max reserve profit 0.00042

Months/annual mileage. Does not sound bad with the prices i have seen for jeeps recently.