Jeep Dealer Accessory Add-ons & Mark-ups in California

Working with Jeep dealerships in California trying to negotiate a 22 GC 4XE and it’s tuff out there. 3k in Accessory add-ons, marked up MF and Marked up acquisition seems to be the norm. It’s negating any chance at good deal and none of them so far have wanted to negotiate anything. It’s take it or leave it. Under 500 a month should be relatively doable with a decent discount as long as there isn’t another 4k tacked into the price. Frustration rant over.

Are there any jeep dealerships in California that are not charging these crazy add-ons and fees?

There are a few brokers in the region. @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto

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On a wrangler 4xe I’ve seen it $500 month with tax
On a gc slim pickings mostly all higher msrp left I’d say no

@Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto how realistic is this?

Came here to say this. @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto serves the CA area and I believe that @Clutch offers deals out west as well.


There’s quite a few 2022s left in California but so far no luck. I already contacted clutch but I don’t think they have any 22s available and they dont have anything in California so it’s almost 5k out of pocket.

I don’t think I’d touch any jeep dealer out here without a broker. Can you still get all the lease incentives applied if you buy out of state?

You lose the CA CVRP if you buy from out of state

None of the jeeps are on the cvrp list of eligible vehicles anyway

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Not that big of a deal I guess since I can only get this rebate once anyway and I’ll be getting another car in the next 8 months or so. Out of state may be my next step (not willingly) but dealing with the DMV is what is keeping we in the state unless I can find a dealer who will handle the California transfer.

If you have AAA, dmv is pretty easy for registration

Silly forbs AAA doesn’t do out of state for new cars

Oh, never had to do one so i assumed they did all dmv

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