Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, Limited, Altitude

Hello everyone. Any thoughts on how far off MSRP (just dealer, not with incentives) a Cherokee like a Trailhawk, Limited and Altitude can be had? Truecar is saying in my area about 4K.

Trailhawk is first on my list. MF .00004 and residual 56% at 24/15. $4750 incentives and Truecar sent a $500 offer code.

Currently reaching out to dealers and would value thoughts.

I would expect 10% before incentives, truecar probably is including incentives.

Thanks. Just got a 3% offer, of course just starting negotiations. This one has been sitting there for 139 days. 13% is where I would like to be to make my budget work on the calculator.

You can play with the lease calculator on the jeep site, seems decent. Keep in mind allot of jeep dealers will use ally, so different mf/rebates

Joe -

Sorry to bother you (longtime lurker), but what would you target on an outgoing 2019 Trailhawk before incentives?

I’d say 10% off incentives