Jeep Cherokee Limited 2019 at $249

Many dealers in Minneapolis are currently advertising a 10k/year 36 month lease of 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited at $249 a month (tax/title/license extra ).
MSRP $35265 with a sale price of $28537.
I got the residual from a dealership at $18690.

However i couldn’t get those numbers based on my calculation.
Is this a good deal ? I heard Jeep is offering some very aggressive discounts on the limited this month.

By the way I live in Wisconsin and and trying to find a good deal to close by end of month. Broker contact welcome.

I think it’s 50% on the limited and even better on the overland and trailhawk. Like 58%. Based on those residuals a limited can def be 250+ tax with a 6000 discount. “10 days to save” is going on now. There’s an extra 1000$ incentive right there…

Which dealer has this price?

I called them up and they are saying the monthly price comes down to 337 a month. Its seems a typical bait and switch !

Here is one dealer.

Is this a terrible offer ?

Yeah it’s bad. Is that a 36/10k miles? You can go on honcker and get the same or a better deal

Yes 36/10k. I was thinking of doing the $245 + taxes deal but looks like this dealership is doing a bait and switch ! looking around for a better deal. If anyone knows of any better offers in Minneapolis or around Madison, kindly send me a pm.