JCG No longer available

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4 x 4

Miles: 13,500

Months remaining: 20

Miles allowed on lease: 35,000 (over 1,000 per month left)

Vehicle MSRP: $53,000

Location: Atlanta (I will drive it to you for free if within 500 miles of Atlanta)

Down payment: NONE! Transfer the lease and drive this beautiful car for under $500 per month.

Just FYI: I have increased the contribution to $500

I looked to try and get my girlfriend out of a jeep lease. What financial institution is this through and do they allow transfers? Thanks!

The lease is thru UsBank - I called them last week and everything is set up thru the Swapalease website which facilitates the transfer. UsBank actually referred me to Swapalease so it’s certainly allowed. There’s a small transfer fee i’m sure but the $500 incentive i’m offering should certainly cover that.

Here’s more pictures of the vehicle -


Is this still available?