January lease program numbers for 2016 Malibu Limited 1LT

How do I confirm “$4,085 GM Financial lease cash”?
I just chatted with an agent on chevrolet.com and they said that did not apply.
So far the best I got was $119 + $999 down and the usual fees.

I assume my $1,000 should apply to this as well, so all in so far the best lease I have found.

The $4,085 lease cash is national and likely already included in your quote. You’ll see it on the lease contract as a capitalized cost reduction.

Ah ok then, that could of course be.Too bad I was hoping for a killer deal here haha.
Well I am working on confirming the numbers for the Malibu and if the private offer applies. If so then it would be leading the Tiguan based on monthly cost and given it is only a 24 vs. a 36 month commitment.


Lets say there is no price negotiation on the car (go with MSRP)

If we take MSRP $35,950 car, what should be the price breakdown based upon all the nationally available offers?

Indeed I do see it now , my rebates would be $5,085 given the private offer. I got a selling price of $21,733 but compared my monthly rate with the Tiguan offer (nicer car in my opinion) and it is just very close (like $15 per month, and of course 36 vs. 24 months so ~$500 more for the whole lease).
By the way that was for a Malibu Limited LS (did not pay attention to the trim, so my fault here).