January lease program numbers for 2016 Malibu Limited 1LT

Hi Michael, can you provide current numbers for the 2016 Malibu Limited 1LT? Going to give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks!

For VA:

62% residual (24 mo, 10,000 mi/year)
-1% for 12K, -2% for 15K
.00040 MF

$4,085 GM Financial lease cash
$2,500 Volt Loyalty OR $1,500 Non-GM Lessee OR $1,000 Non-GM Owner OR $500 GM Lease Loyalty

Additionally, there may be a Bonus Tag on some VINs. You can find them by browsing inventory on dealer websites.

Any good numbers for FL ? I have such a hard time getting any decent deals (be it with rip off fees or not)

GM numbers, for the most part are national. The residuals, MFs, and GM Financial lease cash do not change.

Any other source to check current incentives, do not really like the Chevy page as it never mentioned some incentives from here before.

I assume incentives here are just so low as I have had no success with dealers in the area. If I can be certain with incentives then I will just increase the radius of my search to find a dealer willing to work with the numbers provided.


hi, what is this? i don’t see it listed anywhere?

It’s GM Financial’s supported lease program for January. It’s not posted online, but it’s available to all lessees.


so this amount will come out of sale price? and then incentives?

It’s a rebate. It’ll be applied as a capitalized cost reduction.

interesting…i called few chevy dealers in WA and none mentioned it.

is this something to negotiate? or just negotiate sale price as if buying, and rest will be automatic?

The incentive is directly from GM Financial; it’s not something they can modify.

man, you are fast :slightly_smiling:
and one more Q: i got private offer from website, is that on top of everything?

Yes the private offer reduces the cap cost.

What was your private offer? Think mine was:

$500 allowance on eligible Cruze, Spark, Sonic, Trax models
$1000 allowance on eligible Malibu, Equinox, Express, Impala, Camaro,City Express, Volt, SS Sedan models

Not sure if there are other ones. Still debating whether to get Cruze/Malibu or Tiguan S. Just trying to get the lowest possible payments for any of these.

What do you lease/own now? Conquest offers are usually the best, so plan ahead to lease one brand now and the competitor next time in 2-3 years?

Well I am still wondering if finance for a brand new competitor would work or how do they verify its a lease(owning one old car and a brand new one financed)? Right now the only offers I can see potentially getting somehow replicated are VW Tiguan S(right on website for $189 so base to work with a little) and Chevy Cruze/Malibu where I found some cruze 1 hour away with a bonus tag that will hopefully work.
Got the private offer on the chevy site and then the GM Lease cash for hopefully working something good out here.

Does the Chevy lease still have a disposition fee? I read some people state theirs did not have one.


If you lease another GM, they waive the disposition fee.

“Disposition Fee - Chevrolet: $395, Buick GMC: $495, Cadillac: $595 (Returning GMF lessees with
a disposition fee qualify for a fee waiver when purchasing or leasing a new GM vehicle. Please call
Customer Service with the new VIN or complete the Fee Waiver Form to receive the waiver.)
See Exhibit B on page 16 for state exceptions”

@adamcar, thanks for the exact values for the different brands. Some people just posted their lease agreement listed disposition fee with $0 (think was on slickdeals) but guess just lucky or something else.

Still working on replicating any decent deals here, all dealers suck and won’t come anywhere close to any of the numbers on here.

I recently received offer of $239/10K 24 months lease on 2016 Malibu 1LT in NY. (Automatic with no options)
It’s sign and drive with only first month payment upfront.
I’m also turning in current lease car with 3 payments of $250 left on my lease.
can anyone advise me if this is good deal?
Thank you!

This is what I was told by a local dealer.
MSRP $35,950
~$2100 Cap cost reduction, 59% residual
Cash out ~$1700
$436. a month plus the monthly tax.
36months 10k miles lease

  • Private offer doesn’t apply.