🔥 January Jeep Deals (CDJR) - Last day to lock in Order Discounts (13-16%)! IN STOCK GC 4xes up to 9.5% off!

$1500 dealer fee. Not saying it’s a bad deal, just seems that the better these deals seem, the higher the fees.

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True but I think the dealer is in Florida.

I could discount it to 20% and everyone would find a way to bitch about it.

Made the announcement as a courtesy so anyone on the fence would have an opportunity to lock in the discount. Pricing changes will be real and, at this discount anyway we’re pretty much bidding against ourselves.


Msg’d you…

For the 66k black GC 4xe, can you clarify rebates for WA state? I’ll plug into the calc and if numbers look good, would like to pay the deposit.

It says less 2000 in this post, but in the post from today, it says less 1250. Not sure which one is correct.

Using 1250 less for WA + 1750 private cash offer I get

I have affiliate from employer, non FCA product in household, 1750 private cash offer from Jeep website. Zip 98004. Want to do first month payment only as DAS.

Discussing facts around a deal, which is what I thought we did around here. Sorry if that came off as “bitching”. Repeat customer and just sent a friend your way to get this deal.

Thank you to those who participated in the order push at the beginning of the month - here are the new discounts till end of Jan (and likely Feb)

New Order Discounts (in stock discounts to be updated this weekend)
Grand Cherokees 10% w affiliate
GC & Wrangler 4xes 8% w affiliate
Wrangler/Gladiator (Gas) - 10% w affiliate
Ram 1500s/2500/3500 - 13% w affiliate
Durango 11% w affiliate
Hornet - 12% w affiliate
Wagoneer - TBD
Cherokee/Compass - 12% w affiliate

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I never got a email response from friday morning


Does the FCA CDI program work the same? I have that.

@AutoNinjas why are the 36 month programs worse than 24 month programs. It looks like the 10% residual difference is about equal to the average lease cost per year of the vehicle. Aren’t they equivalent?

yes if it’s what I think it is, then it does - we’ll make sure to get to all emails tomorrow, we’re off today

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Interested to see what the updated pricing is for the Wagoneer!

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Would love to place and order, waiting on response/email to finalize the details

I also emailed to try and lock in the discount on a GCL but haven’t heard back. What’s the best way to follow up?

Yep! Ordered October 30th, arrived at the dealer the last week of December. Paperwork was completed and car was shipped on 12/30! We got it 1/4 and have been driving since. A few hiccups on our end (wife is just now getting around to changing her last name) but they helped work through it. I had doubts at first because ninjas response time could be better, but I think they’re genuinely overwhelmed.

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What deal do you have on a gt plus Durango AWD white black leather interior blackout badges and wheels
With hood scoop

Awaiting the updated in stock unit discounts?

Would need to put in an order, right now our discount is 11% with affiliate pricing, email me with your full name, zip and a build link and I can get you a quote



In stock deals will not be updated until next month, we will be moving back to a more concise and more frequent posting of in-stock deals vs the sheets.


Emailed you Matt. Looking to do a deal on an in stock before the month is over!