January BMW 3 Series Incentives

Happy new year everyone!

It seems that there is some conflicting information in the forums here regarding January incentives for BMW 3 series. I am in the market for a 2017 3 series — either 328 or 330 with x drive. I will also consider a 3 series GT xdrive or a 4 series gran coupe xdrive — but the deal has to be right and it has to be AWD!

With this said, I hear that there is still the 3k holiday incentive and that there might be other mystery incentive lingering out there. Wanted to see what those incentives might be so that I can work to negotiate a deal? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Looking for 15k with 24mo and 36mo options. What model(s) lease best this month and what are the residuals and MF for:

328i Xdrive
330i Xdrive
3 series GT (328i xdrive and 330i xdrive)
430i xdrive gran coupe
440i xdrive gran coupe


There’s still 3,000 incentive on the 2017. Loaners are the way to go if you can find one left.

Residual is .67 for 24/10. Subtract 1% for 12k and 2 for 15k
Residual is .61 for 36/10. Subtract 1% for 12k and 2 for 15k.

you’ll have to reduce the residual by .25 for all mileage over 500 on a loaner. Ex, the car has 1000 miles. Subtract 500 from 1000 to get 500 *.25 = $125 residual drop.

Buy rate is .00152

Numbers above are for the 3 series. Check Edmunds for the 4 series.

The higher the dealer discount on the car, the more a 24 month makes the better deal. The lower the dealer discount, 36 months looks more attractive.


I don’t understand why the 24 month deals are better given that the depreciation is 1.375% per month versus 1.083% per month over 36 months.

If you buy at MSRP, then you’re right. However, the more you discount the price, the better a short term lease is. Take your two depreciation per month values and divide them. 1.083/1.375 is approximately 79%. So if you have a total discount of 21% or more, a 24 month lease is cheaper. If your discount is less than that, a 36 month lease is cheaper.

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Thanks for that. With a discount of 21% off MSRP:
For a 24 month 67% residual one is financing an average of (.79+.67)/2 = 73% of MSRP and depreciating .79-.67/24 =.5% per month
For a 36 month 61% residual one is financing an average of .79+.61/2=70% of MSRP and depreciating .79-.61/36 = .5% per month

I did some what if analysis. While it’s not exactly 21%, as the discount increases there is a crossover point where as the discount increases the depreciation on the 24 month lease becomes lower than that on a 36 month lease.

Thanks for the info!

Are the following incentives combinable with the 3k?

ePerformace $3000
USAA 500
Loyalty 750 (is loyalty 1500 on the 330e?)
Ultimate Drive 1000
College Grad 1000


On a loaner, College Grad + loyalty should be. USAA Definitely isn’t available on a loaner. Not sure about the other 2.