Jaguar XJ lease

My mother car is due on her lease and I’m trying to get her another Jaguar she won’t budge i tried to get her into a Audi A8 but she does not like the style or looks of the car. I need to get my mother off my back she bother me very morning to work, we work at our Family company which is a body shop and i need to get her into a car ASAP so she will stop bothering me!!! i went to the dealer and the lease program is ridiculous, they want dot offer me on a Jaguar XJ 5 grand down and 899 a month, to some this might not be a lot but to my mother it is a lot for her to afford. It would be a better deal at 2500 down at 725 a month . Is there any one out there to help me with the proper direction or any help…… is there anyone out there that can give me employee incentive program which in return gives a toga;y affordable lease programe. All the help will be muh needed you guys have no clue what it is like to have an italian mother hawking you down.

I am From North New Jersey

Loooking for a Jaguar XJ

Leaseing the car for 3 years And 12 k miles a year

Dont know rates off the top of my head but a dealer here in PA quoted me 15k off

Maybe try to push her into a Maserati Quattroporte. Maserati’s definitely give a lot better lease incentives. You can get a Maserati Quattroporte with an MSRP of $112,750 for $2,995 down and $789 a month for 36 months w/ 12k miles annually.

where is that located? Need to see what options it has.

How can i get her in a Maserati at that price???

Super low mileage and 42mo on this lease but not far off those numbers -