Jaguar XF 35t MSRP: $53,873 deal JUDGE ME!

Pulled the trigger on this yesterday. Let the deal judging begin!

2017 Jaguar XF 35t
MSRP: $53,873
Sale Price: $43,572 (19.1% discount)
MF: .00001
RV: 54%
Cap cost reduction: $1,655.57 ($1,500 of it covered by extra Bonus Cash)
Total drive off: $2,000 ($155.57 Cap Cost Red, $390 first month, $283 title, $112 registration, $795 acquisition, $29 electronic filing, $226.68 Misc taxes)
Monthly: $356.98 plus tax ($390.00 with SoCal tax)
36 month, 7500 miles per year


That is one hell of a deal!

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That’s an insane discount and money factor. Congratulations!

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That is definitely the deal of the moment!!!

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I was down to the wire at 5pm on the 31st and felt like I had to pull the trigger while the programs were still available (even though I was worried I may have left a little meat on the bone)… but, if it’s blessed by @vhooloo, then I certainly feel good about it!

Right, great deal. So this deal at 0.72% ($390/mo with tax on a $54K car) is a “deal of the moment!!!”, but S90 at 0.73% ($439/mo with tax on a $60K car) is “No need to jump on it”? I guess only because S90 deal did not fit under $400/mo like you predicted it would LOL

I play hard ball . that 0.01% is the difference between deal of the moment and don’t jump on it :smile:
Yes I am biased towards round numbers and those where the leading digit is 1 less than what others are getting :slight_smile:

Would you take a Jag XF over S90 on the same terms? I wouldn’t.

I drove the S90. It’s certainly a nice car, and potentially even more “luxurious” and featured on the inside than the XF. But at that price, you are getting a FWD S90. I just can’t take serious, or spend $400/mo, on any luxury car that is FWD with 250hp. Especially when you can get a RWD with 340hp for the same price.


7500 miles though. Still a good deal!

I’m turning in a 535d with 17K miles and an RX350 with 13K miles. I’m tired of paying for miles I don’t use!

Lucky you- mean’s you don’t have to commute 30-40miles a day for work. #winning

5 miles each way for me. Less than 1 for my wife. Certainly won’t complain about that.

Unless he takes public transit. I drive 9 minutes to a park and ride and take a bus or train to work in NYC. So miles may not be a whole indicator. I drive less than 5 k miles a year if my wife didn’t take my car on Saturdays and errands on Sundays and at night. When I look to lease a car for myself next December, I’m going to be looking for 7500 miles or less as long as I stay at my current job.

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Nope, I was talking about AWD T6. Granted, the guy below did not close yet, but there was someone who did in md-$400, I think.

Right. $390/mo vs $439/mo. That is $50/mo more… If you could do an S90 at $390/mo, it would most certainly be a base FWD T5.

Again - you got a great deal. But I was comparing a $60k Volvo to a $54k Jag and both have comparable payments of .72-.73% of MSRP. Plus Volvo is AWD 316HP vs RWD 340HP Jag.

Sure, I’ll agree with that. If you were to compare just %'s to %'s, and actual monthly payments weren’t a factor, I would probably have chosen a .73% $60k AWD Volvo over a .72% $54k RWD Jaguar. But that extra $50/mo pays for my kids diapers, and I still get to drive a Jag. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. When you talk about $$ payments then $50/mo is a lot. And if your budget is under $400, then your deal is a no brainer. But I was making a point for @vhooloo’s post in a Volvo thread where he wasn’t as excited even though the deals are similar in terms of % of MSRP. :slight_smile:

Nice deal, sorry about my 340i! I’d definitely be looking at the Jags too if I were in the market.