Jaguar XE - 25t Premium - Where can I save?

Sorry for two topics; was unsure if I should post more in my emails thread or since this is a different topic to make a new one.

Plugging it into the calculator this is what I can come up with.

I’ve emailed them back about some of the fees that I feel are extra. The IMF is tax as far as I am aware and the non tax fees are acquisition fees I believe.

I also asked about getting a higher % off MSRP but haven’t heard back yet.

I am not interested in paying $4,000 at signing so I won’t be going into this deal at this current rate but want to see where I can try to make it a hacked deal or if it’s not going to happen.

By getting a Bmw.


I am just not a big fan of BMW or I would probably go for a loaner deal for sure.

I’m not a big fan of cars that don’t lease well, I’d expect 10% before any incentives/rebates and figure out the mf they are using, compare to what’s posted on edmunds


They must really need the sale. Got an email from the manager.

Pay taxes/fees with first month up front and for 36 months 10k miles the payment will be $405.

So that would be 2,400ish due at signing and $400 a month. I’m gonna try to get some fees removed or more msrp reduced to help negate the fees but I may end up going with this deal.

Might want to reach out to @Bostoncarconcierge he’s a broker that has had some jag deals in the past.

I’d reach out to a lot more dealers and do heavy research on typical XE 25T discounts (edmunds, Jag forums, etc). To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see some people getting a 15-20% discount on this thing. But you need to do the research to find out what’s realistic.

@Bostoncarconcierge should also be able to help. Haven’t seen many Jaguar deals on here besides his.

So I searched out of boredom and there was a thread two weeks ago, dude got a $8448 discount on a $41711 model so about 20%:

Research is your friend!!

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Have you considered buying CPO? Values on these things (especially the 4cyl) fall off a cliff.

Isn’t the point of LH to not get stuck with depreciating assets? Good point though.

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My fault I must have only searched the ask section by mistake and didn’t see that thread.

I’ll try sending them these numbers and see what they come back with. I’d love to replicate that one.

Your rebate is $950 more and your MSRP is different so do it intelligently :slight_smile: and reach out to every Jag dealer you’re comfortable driving to…I can’t imagine they are very busy.


$23.5 for a 17 with 6000 miles, and 4 plus years of warranty left.

60 mo payment would be $460ish with taxes(8%) at 3.9%apr, after three years you’d have a 5 year old jag with a payoff around $11k, I’d pass on that. Good luck finding anyone wanting to pay retail price for it, whatever that is. Hard pass all the way around


I disagree that a 5 year old ~$45000 car with warranty will be worth 11k but to each their own.

Well if it is or isn’t who’s going to guarantee it, also what happens if you get in an accident(carfax etc)? If the payment on buying a used one was significantly cheaper, then I’d agree with you more so. But with something like a jag, personally I wouldn’t be willing to take the risk, it’s no Camry.

Doubt all you like but when repair bills normally equal out to several payments worth it’s certainly possible.

Makes a used one look even worse


It’s still under warranty, through roughly 2024 depending on in service date. So no need to worry about repairs. And the next owner would be covered for a little while.