Jaguar SVR Lease Check

Hey guys - I checked out the other threads on the SVR, but I’m very new to leasing and would appreciate a second set of eyes. Thanks so much!

2017 SVR - Convertible
MSRP 132,233
Sales price 104,118.00
10K miles per year
2286 drive off
monthly payment 1022.46 including ta (california)
39 month lease

Think I can do better than this?

If you saw the deals were 300-400$ cheaper than this one why ask? Use those as guides to grind harder and stack incentives.

The much better deal was a demo model, hard top, not in CA so didn’t think it was as relevant.

Is the selling price pure dealer discount or are there rebates/incentives in there?

Exactly why I’m posting on this forum… I have no clue. I will ask. Thank you SnowMan!

The SVRs have about 30k of incentives on them right now. You’re looking at 0 dealer discount. You need to get a lot off the MSRP then cut 30k.

Ty! Will push the dealer. You guys are amazing.

$30k is the one incentive if you buy not if you lease.

$13,500 is loyalty

$10,000 is the lease cash

There are a few others but can’t remember what is what. The sick lease deals that people are saying “you know how it is if you look” doesn’t really apply here. The $13,500 loyalty is huge.