Jaguar pin code question

I’m a little fuzzy on this pin code thing. How does someone get the jaguar employee pin code and how much are they for?

Thanks in advance!

Bump. Anyone?

Work for Jaguar.

I thought that there were other ways to get the pin code?

Each month, Jag dealers get PINS on specific cars. Establish a good report with a local dealer, and ask if they have any cars they could share a PIN deal on. This month, it’s XEs!

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Ohhh. I thought it was something I had to have! I see people giving them away on the forum sometimes

I test drove an XE probably a year ago and from time to time I get codes emailed to me. An obscure way to get another discount pin is to do the Land Rover experience in Vermont. If you fill out the survey afterwards and say you are interested in a car they will send you a $1k discount t thing which is good across most Jag and LR models

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I don’t suppose you still have one of those codes in your email I could have? I believe I read they can be gifted :grin:

They can be, I give them away here when I get them. Sadly I have not been sent one recently but I’m sure the incentives are a lot strong now vs when I got my last pin in October or so. They are also usually time sensitive, the LR Experience pin was only good for 2 weeks as an example.

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Im pretty sure those are different than the employee PINs, though.

Yes, to clarify, those are targeted offers, not a back end employee pin!

I haha a remaining XE pin code in Mass

I’m in Florida :confused: