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Here’s a link to the spreadsheet:



what does the $3500 DAS include?

Total amount due at lease signing, includes first payment, DMV, doc fee, tire fee, etc.

What other discovery’s do you ha e?

Is there pull ahead

Any numbers on a f type r convertible? Also is there loyalty? I have a f type r coupe

Tire fee & etc? What is that?

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Yes there’s pull ahead on both Jaguar & Land Rover

Tire disposal fee, charged upfront on every sale, $1.75 per tire

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No loyalty on F-Type, but… $5600 off MSRP on 2020 MY
2020 F-Type R Conv MSRP $116XXX $1499+tax 10k/yr 36m $3500 DAS
will add to original post

Thanks Andre how many months? Where ru located

How is does this add up to $3500 for both a $117k Range Rover Supercharged and a $47k Evoque?

Just curious why these deals are only for CA residents? I live in Las Vegas and it’s tough to find good deals here because there is almost no competition. It’s a small big city, if that makes sense, with very few luxury car dealers (maybe 1 or 2 of each).

I wouldn’t at all mind driving/flying to CA to get a better lease deal, but it seems like most CA brokers/dealers only list deals for CA residents.

Don’t be sassy. Obviously the RRS has like 173 tires.


“etc” obviously includes cap cost reduction. It’s very very very rare for a DAS amount to be a nice round number.

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Brilliant. Jon said it, includes cap reduction.

However I will argue with Jon a little. “Drive offs” are rarely a round number and “Due at Signing” is usually rounded for simplicity.

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What car are you looking for? Maybe we can help

I understand that. I’m not pointing out the roundness of the number. It just seems like more of these marketplace posts are putting rather significant amounts into the “etc.” category, where it would be nice to state what it is. Like for example, in this one:

$117k RRS - First month is $1569, DMV is ~$1200, Doc fee is $85, tires are $7. If this also includes acquisition fee ($895), the DAS is at least $3750 without tax. If Andre is asking for $3500 DAS in this case, some part of the “etc.” is rolled into the lease.

$47k RRE - First month is $449, DMV is ~$550, Doc fee is $85, tires are $7, acquisition fee is $895. This adds to $1986 DAS without tax. Cap cost or “etc” in this is ~$1500.

I don’t think anyone minds if “etc.” is ~$100. But in this case, it seems to be $0 and ~$1500.


I got lucky and upgraded to an I-pace rental in Europe today. Excellent vehicle !


How many months of pull ahead will they cover?