Jaguar F Type R question

I’ve been looking for a deal on an F-Type for a while, and I found a potential car. It looks like Jaguar is offering an $11,000 incentive on new models. What would be a reasonable ask for a percentage off a demo model before the incentive is applied?

I’ve read every F-Type post on here and have seen the SVR deal and the R demo from last November, but there aren’t a lot of data points. I’m much more familiar with BMW dealers and discounts, so I want to get my ducks in a row before presenting my offer. Thanks.

I believe that huge incentive is for retail purchase not lease or that’s what I’ve been told.


If so, what percentage off a demo should I try to get? Is it going to be 20-25 percent like BMW loaners?

JLR are weird.
JLR dealers are so independent from very restrictive discounts and very restrictive geographical location sales to very loose sales.

First make sure the dealer that has the demo will sell you the car from where you are located (geographical restrictions).
Second, check with the F&I manager if they use a multitude of banks for leases - mine uses US Bank, Ally, Chase.
Third, give them an offer and see what they say - the depreciation rate of these cars are huge and every day it sits drops value. Keep persisting - they may eventually bite to fulfill a numbers quota…

My experience with JLR was totally unlike that of BMW.

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