Jaguar deals gone MIA?

did Jaguar deals go MIA? feel like I haven’t seen a good hacked one in months! anyone get in on one recently?

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36 month residuals are in the 40s so the only way a deal will work is if the dealer discounts it heavily

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It’s because we can’t have nice things here, people ruin it.

Just ask @Bostoncarconcierge


The brands tend to ebb and flow. With BMW and Volvo giving cars away there’s not much reason to go for a Jag without major discounts. When that dries up the community tends to move to the next thing.

The problem right now is that JAGUAR itself might be going MIA. I’m exaggerating a bit, but they are in pretty rough shape at the moment, and geopolitical and economic turmoil are only making their uncertainty worse.


At least in Southern California, there has been a tremendous/disruptive amount of dealer group re-organization the past year to consolidate Land Rover and Jaguar into the same building, and relocate some points.

And both JLR brands are as reliable today as they were during WWII when British electrical engineers and dentists were of equal skill in their respective trade.

And as @Bostoncarconcierge sadly shared, few and far between PIN deals blown up by losers reduces leasing them to business writeoffs and the clinically insane.

They’ll be back, but they haven’t been around much.