I've been out of town

I am trying to respond to everyone’s questions.

Good news is…

I will be running a dealership the next two weeks and will be making some stupid deals!


Um, pardon my ignorance but who are you…?

@loberant is the guy with the deals. He works for Sonic (based in Charlotte, NC) and if you are a regular here, he is the guy that randomly posts deals that are in line with “great” deals as defined here. He is not a “sales guy” but looks like he is going to be running a dealership in the next 2 weeks and he will move-all-the-cars!



I have about 10 company cars in bound to that dealership this week.

I want to show off to my boss by selling all of them :).

They should arrive in a couple of days and I will be posting some dumb deals.


Awesome to see your back.

Interested to see what these cars are in still looking and also have a friend looking at the moment as well .

Very interested to see what you have coming up. Looks like I’m signing a deal on a Highlander in the next couple days and would love to take a peek at what you have before I do that. I shot you a message a couple days ago.

Congrats! Definitely let me know what you have to offer, I will be picking something up soon.

I am interested too, please let me know as welll

What brand of car will you have @loberant?

I am looking for X3 or 5 series lease. Let me know if you have any.

Should have waited…@loberant posts awesome deals.

what type of vehicles are you getting in? anything sub 300?

Any deals for us west coasters?

subscribed for car list

Let me know if you can help me find a good lease on a BMW 3-series in the Baltimore Washington DC area. My key options are M sport and Cold Weather Package.

Thanks, Tom Hornick

PS Thanks for all the insight on LH!

RWD ok? or AWD only?

I did just get a 528xi MSPORT as well. It should be at BMW of Fairfax.

I assume if you’re still with Sonic you’re going to be helming a BMW / MINI dealership?

Will you still have a line on other cars in the Sonic network?

I can help you with about any other car as well?

What are you looking at?

I have a lease that ends in the middle of February, and I live very close to a few Sonic dealerships and your deals look amazing.

I’d been looking at the VW GTI but their lease numbers just don’t look that great unless I can get a dealership to play some major ball on the selling prices.