It's in the driveway! 2020 Outback Limited 36/10k 394.00 a month taxes included. Only down was first payment

Grinded out a deal for several days. I honestly felt like this was the best I could do in Arizona considering there are only 5 /6 dealers in the state, the color was green with all black interior and it had the cheapest options package available(1 of 2 in the state). Would have gotten a non optioned outback, but there was literally not a single one in the state or Vegas! I got it at the Subaru Super Store in Gilbert, Az. And as a side note it is the best buying/leasing experience I have ever had. Their professionalism and passion was honestly amazing!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:20 Subaru Outback
MSRP: $ 35309(I paid $31724)
Monthly Payment: $394.00
Drive-Off Amount: $394.00
Annual Mileage:10k
Incentives: $650 lease cash
Region: Arizona
Leasehackr Score:
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You could have tried the 1% rule to leasing 101. Hence, $317.24. But since you had so few dealers to negotiate with, there is not much you can do. Drive off amount is nice. But if it was a purchase, don’t they offer Zero percent for 63 month? Put 5K down, same payment roughly!

1% rule has been mostly debunked here. On top of that even if you were going to use it, it’s based on 1% of the MSRP, not the selling price. Discount % looks pretty good here, although I’m not that familiar with how deep a Subie dealer would go. There’s not a lot of incentives to work with so it is what it is. Out of curiosity, did you look into whether the Subaru ambassador program was still around? They used to give vouchers to certain product ambassadors and if you were lucky they could hook you up if they had any left.


No. A normal dealer pencil offer for a Volvo S60 T6 is 440/month with inceptions, close to 1%, that’s terrible, I pay 228+tax a month with inceptions and MSDs on a T5. If you look at NYC Broker deals, they’re in the Mid 3s on new cars with inceptions pre tax. If 1% is a deal, then any dealer pencil is a deal, you see the flaw? Cars lease differently, a % of msrp on a palisade is much different from a 1% deal on a XC90.

What @ElectricEliminator said Is correct, there were actually reports that building a car online and putting your info in netted you a 1k code but I don’t know if that was still going on with COVID. For a Subaru, financing isn’t a terrible idea, but if you wanted to lease, you wanted a lease.

Enjoy the car.

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I’m pretty sure Subaru doesn’t have the Ambassador program anymore. I researched for a solid week on this site and elsewhere and never even heard it mentioned. But I could be wrong.
As far as buying… not interested. Ever since I found this site, doubt I’ll ever purchase again. As long as the money factor is super low, the residual is high and the incentives are decent, I’m good with it.
Subaru is a little tougher egg to crack as far as % off msrp and lease cash…etc. I could have saved maybe $500 if I drove 6 hours to Cali and bought from one of the guys on here, but not worth it to me.
Not every car leases like a Tacoma, which in my opinion is the biggest no brainer, I just didn’t want a 5th one and either did my wife and kids!!! Lol

Wasn’t going to say it the first time but since it keeps happening: you need to post less until you spend a lot more time reading

Your batting average for advice is <100

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Max G…wow not sure what that’s all about. I’ve been on this site for several years, and have done several very good lease deals, maybe not unicorns, but very solid in my researched opinion. But since I don’t claim to know everything and you are labeled a “trusted hackr “ can u tell me and anyone else reading this what I might have done better in? Thanks

Hi @DUANEFLETCHER congrats on your deal.

That earlier reply, if you look at the top right of that post with an arrow pointed to an “R” icon, was to @rollo55

I don’t think I need to speak for @max_g but I believe he was referring to @rollo55 invoking the infamous 1% rule, not your deal.


Not if you wanted to know if it was a good deal or not.

Sooooo, yes I’m the clown in the room today. One must always admit when they are wrong and yes I did miss the reference in the upper right hand corner to another post.
So to all involved , especially MaxG, I apologize!!!

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No need to apologize, it’s all good

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Solid discount. Good price for the limited outback.

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