It's Final Pay for CDJR 16's. This is the weekend for deals on them

So Final Pay is a program where rebates and lease support turn into ‘Final Pay’ monies.

That means after this month, leases will go away and dealers will be given an number they can discount the vehicles.

It’s essentially a ‘rebate’ which can be only applied to retail purchases.

Well that should make for a memorial day blowout on the leftover 2016 fca stock :hatched_chick:

The only blowout for FCA is their profitability when they have to recall all of those diesels.

Does that mean no more $500-$600 Hellcat deals?

correct on that …!

Guess it’s time to show up at close of business on the 31st with my checkbook in my left hand and my ego in my right

So the obnoxious Go Mango Hell Cat my husband thinks I need is going to be cheap?

Depends on how hard you work for the deal.

You mean the one that he wants you to buy so he can drive almost all the time? Yeah that one might be $500 a month but could cost him big time lol!!!

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Haha! He drove my Camaro twice before it was stolen and once was because I had too many mimosas. He likely would never get behind the wheel. He just supports my love for power.