It’s starting to happen, things starting to go back to normal

I follow this guy on TikTok, great content about the car business, going to be a buyers market sooner than later, we’re already seeing it on this site.


The tsunami came with the EQS - happenstance that deals started becoming good - even some brokers decided to sharpen their pencil lol


And one broker oversharpened his and got in a wee bit of trouble.


I would like to know this broker…

his name is synonymous with a item in a manual transmission.
The moral of that story is, becoming a big time broker doesn’t mean you get to violate rules.

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Normal manufacturing output but not cheap money. Much harder for manufacturers to offer 0% financing when they have to pay 6% themselves. We won’t get pack to the pre-pandemic heyday of leasing until the fed funds rate starts dropping—probably not until spring 2024.

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