Is this good deal on qx50

Search around I believe other deals were getting closer to 16% off, in addition I think your MF might have one too many zeros in it. Doc fee is way high and is that tax right for your area? You dont want to do down payment if you can help it.

Think you could do better.

I am negotiating on a infiniti car. I am eligible for conquest.

  1. Is this a taxed incentive ?
  2. Do I reduce this rebate of 1000$ along with my down payment from the adjusted cap cost of the vehicle ?

Taxed 20202020

Why are you even putting a downpayment for cost reduction?

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On the quote I see down payment and conquest amount in cap cost reduction.
Msrp 48080
Gross cap cost 45533.89
Cap cost reduction 5250 ( includes 1000 down payment, 1000 conquest)
Adj cap cost: 40283.89
Residual 26244 ( 0.55)
Depreciation: 13839.89
Rent : 78.00 ( mg 0. 00003)
Total of base payments: 13917.89
Term 39 months
Payment including tax: 356.87

I am asking dealer how is down payment and conquest part of cap cost reduction since that is untaxed amount.

What you are saying makes no sense and is not what @mani_is_kool asked. Down payment and the conquest rebate (and any form of CCR) are taxed.

I have put the numbers in calculator as below but they don’t add up. Payment shown on quote is
356.87 including tax but the calculator shows higher amount of 400 including taxes.

That’s what dealer is telling me. Down payment and conquest are in cap cost reduction amount 5250.

I bet you have errors in your calculation. Show us the dealer’s worksheet.

@mani_is_kool asked why are you even putting a down payment for the deal?

I am putting down 1000$ to bring down monthly payment

Your actual drive off is $1000 + registration acquisition etc ??

yes 1000+700 acquisition + doc(399) + tax+gov fees (80.31) + registration 400 + 356.87 (first payment)
Total :2936.18

Sheesh you need a bigger discount. Your in NJ, reach out to one of the brokers and get yourself a much better deal. You are really short on time to be shopping around at this time now.

That’s what I don’t have much time now. I have checked with few dealers. What’s wrong with this deal. somehow I am not able to figure the discount on msrp and numbers in calculator don’t match

At the very lease you need atleast 12% discount off msrp without any conquest or vpp being applied.

I am not able to figure out the discount off msrp

msrp 48080:
conquest+vpp+down is 3500:
Adj cap cost is 40283.89
so discount over msrp (48080-3500)=44580-40283.89= 4296.11
discount over msrp = 4296.11/48080 = 8.93%
If I put these numbers is calculator though the payment comes to 400/per month.
That’s what I cannot get right.