Is this good deal for 2017 Volt LT for SoCal?

MSRP: $34,095.00
Selling Price: $24,511.42
MF: 0.00008

Upon approval, $0 out of pocket, 36 months/35 payments, 12,000 miles/year, $241.06/month including Orange County Tax. Every $1000 out of pocket reduces the payment by about $28.38/month.

Should I pull the trigger?


Will wait for more knowledgeables to weigh in, but compared to what S.D. was able to offer a month ago, sounds like pouncing is the way to go. Do you have access to free charging at work or where you live? Chevy told me a few complexs are starting to add free charging.


We have charging station at work but they charge for it. I need to find out how much though. I was just thinking of charging using 110VAC in my garage overnight.

Anyone please advise?

2017 Volt LT, Southern California
36/12K: 50% residual, .00040 MF
All: $4,610 lease cash, $2,250 CA cash
Targeted: $500 Farm Bureau + $500 Lease Loyalty/Conquest

Looks like an excellent deal. From reverse calculating the deal, I see it amounts to ~$4,500 off MSRP before incentives.

I got the same car for 137+tax with 1500 down (but basically 0 as i reveived cheque from ev california)

Any trade in? Any incentives other than manufacturer lease cash (GM loyalty, conquest rebate, etc…)?

At first glance, looks like a pretty good deal.

Assuming you are getting just factory lease cash ($4,610 + 2,250), that means the dealer is giving you a $2,723 discount before incentives. Decent discount, but you should be able to get at least $3k off if you push more. I managed to get $3,748 off a 2017 LT last week in MD.


idenis wrote: I got the same car for 137+tax with 1500 down (but basically 0 as i reveived cheque from ev california)

In the Bay area…

Was it Fremont?

To the OP there is a better deal in DTLA but still not as good as the NorCal Fremont deals…Would be about $185/mo less with $1500 down, no idea with zero down…But if we take your $28.38/2 *3 = $42.57 - $241.06 = $1500 down and $199/mo at your current dealer with $1500

Hi, what is the dealer in LA you’re mentioning? I’m in San Diego but totally willing to purchase in LA.

Camino Real, for a sales contact, ask for Marci who will do all negotiations over the phone/email…

Could you tell us exactly which dealership in the Bay Area?