Is this good deal for 2017 BMW X3 17XD xDrive 28i - Bay Area, California?

Please provide feedback on following lease terms:

State: California (Bay Area)
MSRP: $48,200
discount: $4,310
Sale Price: $43,890
Duration/Range: 36/10
RV: 64%
Cash due (including tax, Reg, doc, Paper, smog etc.) : $5000
Monthly: $430 (Including tax)
Money Factor: 0.00154%
Sales Tax: 9%

How is this deal? Is there any way I can make it better? Does BMW accept MSDs?
Please help.

No MSDs for BMW anymore.

Appears to be invoice + $500 minus $1000 incentives.

With 2018s newly redesigned hitting the showrooms in november, you should do a lot better.

I dont want to wait till November. Just want help on evaluating this deal. Is it looking good?

No, it’s not. You could do better on MSRP for sure. Also, DON’T PUT $5000 down.

That $5000 seems like includes down payment which you do not want to put in. I’m also in the Bay Area, and dealers here don’t give out good numbers upfront. You should try to get some quote from socal, and compare them.

What’s the down payment excluding taxes and fees?

I think down payment is about $3700(includes first months $430 with tax). Thenafter, Acquisition fee: $925; Registration, $366; Weight Fee: $80; County Fee: $21; e-filing: $29; Smog: $20; Doc Fee: $80; Batter: $7.
all combines to $5000 with tax.

You should not put anything down. Guess you are in a hurry, but try to get some quote with other dealers and have them compete with each other( yea it’s a lot of work) but if it’s my money I’d think it’s worth to save a bit more.