Is this fair deal? VOLVO S90 MOM 24/15K

Hi hackrs.
I got the quote from dealer today.
I don’t know selling price. But , they gave me monthly payment .
S90 T6 Mom MSRP 60445

529 Month(w/Tax. New Jersey)/24 month. 15,000 miles /y. Just 1st month payment drive off
With A Plan NO MSD. they said it’s best shot.
Is this fair deal? I know it’s not great deal compare to other members here. should I trigger?

Do you have all the relevant info like Residual, Money Factor etc?

I feel like 2 things really working against you are the 15k miles and 24 months. I know that one some cars 15k miles could add another like 40-50 over 12k so in the grand scheme of things you are well below the 1% rule with a short lease and high mileage seems pretty good to me despite what other crazy deals others got.

But unless you get the selling price MF and residuals no one will be able to tell you what portion to tackle to get it lower

MSRP 60445
Lease cash and rebate -6750
Dealer discount -3950
A Plan -3000
after rebate and discount $46,745
Acq fee $695
Doc fee and reg is about 485
MF 0.00078
This is rough number I guess so far.

You feel wrong. 24 months is the best deal. There is an 8% drop for 36 months.

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Did you read about any of S90 deals? At least 10% off should be your target.

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Very hard where I live(Northern New jersey) even they have nearly 70 S90s in stock.

Hire @nyclife or @Benedetto and even with their fee you’ll get much better deal.


Why aren’t you maxing MSDs?

Yes, that’s the sweet spot for @nyclife, will be well worth his fee to get you a deeper discount.

Ben also has dealers in NJ. I was actually going to use one of them to get NER incentives :slightly_smiling_face:

Aplan deal with no negotiation is 6% off before incentives. Your current price is 6.5%, so the dealer hasn’t given much. 10% is target. Getting there drops your payment ~$90, even more if you use MSDs.

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Best advice ever! He’s right there…

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