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I realize typically a breakdown is needed to determine whether it’s a good deal or not, but prior to hearing about this site from a friend I asked all dealers for best price with these specifications:

Hyundai Santa Fe SEL
0 down
36 months
All taxes and fees included (including title and registration)
Main features I want are remote start (SEL has bluelink), rearview camera, carplay/android auto (all new cars basically have).
Best offer I got from NJ - $349/mo (everything included in price) - I live in PA. They said they will take care of my lic&reg. No other charges except first month payment due at signing.
According to hyandai website est. Msrp 30,345
My current lease has ended (Hyundai tuscon -$265/mo), but I have extension up to 6months if I want so I can sit on it a little or try to find a better deal. Also considering similar SUVs .
Any help or input would be much appreciated! Thanks

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Being new to the site, you should read leasing 101 and some of the other sticky topics out there, they layout the info and the approach. Once you read them you’ll understand the info needed to begin your negotiations, and if you want help, you have to get that info from the dealer(s).

So based on that, I think you should email or call back the dealer that gave you the best price and ask them to email you with the following info, which the forum can then help you evaluate, and point you to additional info which may help you get additional discounts etc.

Selling price before any incentives (should be at least 10%)
MF (money factor)
RV (residual value)
any local/regional incentives they are applying
lease term / mileage per year
monthly payment
Is tax, Reg and other fees included in the payment
What, if anything is due at signing (DAS)

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Big fan of Hyandais!!

In all seriousness, I see a lot more value in a BMW X3 for a cost I’m seeing brokers on this forum advertise for just a touch higher than the $349 you post.

Regardless, to know if it is a good deal, we need to know the selling price & MF.

Leasing 101, as previously mentioned.

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