Is this car lease a good deal? First time leasing . Also a question on state transfer

Planning to take a car in New Jersey- lease from Honda dealership. CRV EX AWD - MSRP $30,930 $2k initial payment, $500 Bank fees, and $219/10K miles - 36 months. ; Residual is $19,795 ; Special offer for July 4th.

I need to move to CT state by this month end. I know that we have to pay car transfer in CT DMV which costs about less than $200. Was told by representative that car can be serviced in any Honda dealership place, and its not needed to be in NJ alone - Can someone confirm on that ? Also, anything else I need to worry about with this approach ?

Or the other option is to get a car in Hartford, CT itself after moving. Problem with this is that I may not get a good deal in CT.

Thanks for help.

That sounds like an advertised offer, which almost always costs significantly more than it seems, because the numbers excluse taxes and fees.


Yes, you can service it wherever

Thank you for quick response.
In the offer page, they mentioned total of $2835 due at signing - $2021 down payment + $219 first payment + $0 security deposit + $595 bank fee . Any idea how much taxes or additional amount would come ?

When you move to CT, you’ll have to pay yearly property taxes on the vehicle so you might want to factor those in as well. Varies town to town depending on the mill rate.

Personally, I would not go through the hassle of buying/leasing a car, only to switch everything about it within 30 days. You can still buy it in NJ once you move if you choose, if the deals are that much better.

There aren’t enough numbers here to evaluate the deal, but if it’s the 4th of July advertised deal, the only thing it’s good for is a backup napkin for the parking lot bbq.


Biggest problem with this plan is paying the entire NJ tax upfront for no good reason…or worse, capping it and then paying monthly CT tax on top of it.

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The problem is that there are no deals in CT and its going to cost more than $2.5K compared to the deal that I got in NJ. Will talk to NJ dealer to see if they can register the vehicle with CT address - In that way I can pay taxes only for one state

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