Is this a good price?



That seems almost too good to be true…

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This has got be a bait and switch.

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I am very new to leasing. So what amount the sales tax be on?

You would pay your local tax rate on the monthly payment, plus tax upfront on any rebates.

This is crazy cheap.

Another add located at:

Less down, higher MSRP, right on the home page at:

Only one in stock under that MSRP.

@28firefighter thank you.

@Bilious how to make sure I don’t get ripped off.

The ad he posted was 0 down - the drive offs were $299 + tax, title, license + $3250 rebate…this is 1995 down payment, but yes a higher MSRP.

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You better hurry and calll/email them if you want it. They only have 1 in stock at that MSRP.


Sorry, I missed the = sign, I saw it as a plus sign which didn’t make sense.

So the sales tax is on $3549 and I also pay them $3549 and later claim a rebate of $3250?

Is that how it works? Sorry maybe a dumb question but never ever leased and only bought 1 new car in my life. So not much experience with these things.

No, you should only be paying $299+tax/month. At signing, they will probably require 1st month + tax on the rebate (~$300) and DMV fees (~$300-$400).

What exactly is in that $3549 due at signing if it is still $0 down?! They must have a marked up acquisition fee paid up front in exchange for a lower selling price in the cap cost. Otherwise it would also include first month, tax on rebates, and tags.

It’s a $3250 rebate that they’re counting as cap cost reduction…does not come from you but shows on paper as a down payment.

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Yeah I just figured it out. So only first month $299 from you.

Plus tax and license, as @jon outlined…

Just called the dealership. They said they will call me back with the numbers in 1 Hour. Will update.

Got this reply.

Thank you again for your inquiry. I was just informed that we have sold out of 43k cars. I have attached a link to a 45k vehicle. It would be a difference of around $50 per month. Would this work for you?

$50 extra and I don’t see 1 bit of difference between the 43k and 45k cars they advertised.

Any suggestions?

compare the window stickers for the different options, let us know what it says. If it’s the same they should be the same price, but they’ll try and get you to pay more if they can.

Are they sure they sold them all? There’s still one on their website. If they insist on only having the $45k+ in stock, I’d pass.