Is this a good price to aim for? RAV4

I have not visited a dealer yet but I was researching the 2017 Rav4 XLE 36months/15k a year
MSRP is around $28,000 True Car is $25,000 I was gonna aim for $24,000 - $2,000 cash back $22,000 + $1,000 in fees = $23,000
MF is 0.00001 which is $0.30 and Residual is 58% which is $16,240
depreciation amount is $23,000 - $16,000 = $7,000/36months = $194.44 + $0.30 rent charge + $17.04 tax = $211.77 a month total
Is this a realistic deal? Should I expect to pay more/less?

I think 25k you see on truecar includes 3k Toyota rebate on purchase.

From what I’m seeing I think you should be expecting to pay more. I’ve seen a few deals posted recently for $0 down on a $27k RAV4 and payments are $262-266/mo

You might want to reach out to @Precisionautoleasing, he posted a deal on a $27k Rav4 , and his post from Aug 7th says your payment would run $261/mo for the 36/15k

Thanks that’s helpful. That link that you gave me it doesn’t say the trim level for the RAV4 and also it’s based off the 27k which right now it would be way less than that since the msrp is $28k on the XLE and there’s a $2k cash back and if the dealer gives you an additional discount it would lower it even more. But then the link to the guy who posted on this forum is saying that on an LE you should expect to pay $261 a month. I do not understand it very well but it seems like he took the $1,500 rebate at the time off the msrp plus an additional $244. Now there is a better rebate and I feel like I should be able to negotiate the price off msrp before any rebates. I am not sure though so please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks

Your best bet.

True sign and drive meaning you’ll have 35 payments