Is this a good price on XC60 T8 inscription hybrid? $10k total off?

2018 XC60 T8 inscription hybrid

$62000 with dealer taking $5k off and then I still get tax credit for $5k so car is $52k before taxes.

Since leases on this car are not attractive looking to purchase asked if dealer could go to $7k off and they refused i feel like there is more what do you guys think?

My Volvo dealer previously said they aren’t willing to go deep on hybrids because production is limited due to batteries.

I think thats just an excuse as they are not selling, some dealers here in Florida have 14 of these things sitting on their lots and has 308 of these things listed which is a lot for a rare hybrid. Reminds me of the Acura NSX situation.

2018 XC60 T8 inscription hybrid

msrp $62,305

-$12,473 discount that includes tax rebate of $5k= $49,831 selling price

48% residual
MF is 0.00065

with 1k down
$719 month… seems high

This is where the dealer is trying to screw me are these residuals and MF even accurate?
help me with this deal

its super high when you pay 700+ for a 60k MSRP car.

Even though XC60 is a new model it doesn’t mean you need to pay that much. Run away from this dealer or maybe go get 2018 X3.

I think the dealers cash price is decent but $15k total would be better is there anything i can do to negotiate this? What are volvos current rates MF and residual in FL?

The RV can’t be altered (it’s set by the bank) so the only thing they could be increasing is the MF.

I’m also looking at the XC60 T8 Inscription and R-Design, and they are offering 5k off before the 5k tax credit. I haven’t gotten the numbers yet, but wondering what the MF and RV were on a 12k/36 month? Really appreciate any help!

T8 Ins: .00065/48% 36/12 (57% on 24/12)
T8 R: .00107/50% 36/12 (58% on 24/12)

Found a nice lemon :slight_smile:

Hey, plug-in hybrids with compound boosting are complicated! Give 'em another model year, and maybe they’ll have it sorted out. :wink:


Turbo supercharged hybrid from Volvo, can’t go wrong

I love how the car is more expensive than new.