Is this a good lease deal on a 2017 BMW X5?

The car is a 2017 BMW X5 xDrive 35i M-sport, with a MSRP of $73,770.

The lease payment I was quoted $906 a month for 36 months with 10K miles, including tire and wheel insurance.

Money out of pocket is just first month, everything else enrolled into the monthly payment.

Please let me know, thank you guys! (In NYC, btw.)

Don’t do it. Ask them for a breakdown of all the numbers.

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Why do you say that? It’s through a broker if that matters

Although it’s NYC it’s not me

Because if you have the breakdown of all the numbers, you can be sure they aren’t throwing in some BS to raise the monthly. You need MSRP, Selling price, MF, RV to begin with. Even if it’s through a broker, make sure you are getting all the numbers.

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I’ll ask for the numbers in the morning.

I shopped at many brokers this week and this was the cheapest one with basically no money out apart from the first month.

You could get a better deal?

It looks like an average deal to me. I’m saying that based on what I could get here in Southern CA so your market a continent away might be very different. But I’m pretty sure you could replicate that offer easily at any number of dealers in the US. The broker is not getting you some special, screaming deal.

I don’t know what they are charging for the tire and wheel insurance but if I leave that out your deal appears to be about 8% off sticker. BMW’s do not lease very well at the moment so you have a higher payment than what you might pay for another luxury SUV. But if you want an X5 that is not an offer that is taking advantage of you.

One qualifier- I’m assuming you don’t qualify for BMW fleet or other incentives beyond the $3,000 BMW is offering on the car. If you are getting fleet or grad discounts then the offer starts be be a lot more crappy. This is why people are asking for the numbers. Then we can see if they are playing games with you.