Is this a good lease deal? Land Rover Discovery Sport

Just got details on a lease. It’s the first pass, so I haven’t done any negotiating. Can you take a quick look and let me know if anything looks crazy good/bad? Thanks in advance.

Here’s the vehicle.

I’s stay away from putting any money down in the form of adjusted cap cost. Instead, use that money towards MF reduction in the form of MSDs (multiple security deposits).

Term = 39? Make sure the lease ends no later than the warranty of the car! If the original warranty is 36 months, it is not worth saving $5/month to be without warranty for 3 months! Things tend to break as soon as the original warrant ends!

Play with the numbers using the Leasehcrk calculator!

$700 off MSRP isn’t a lot. But it depends on your region; if this is the only dealer in town, then you might have to pay more.

im doing $4200 off MSRP on Discover SE’s and HSE’s out of the east coast, shipping is about $1000 coast to coast.

15,000 mile lease example

Example : Discovery HSE $48,211 MSRP
Driver Assistance
Vision Assistance
Protect package
19" Black out pack
$480 plus tax
$2000 capital reduction
Includes bank fee
.00110 MF
58% / $27962 residual

how about for 2017 models? Do you have any current specials?
Sorry for digging up an old thread

–Yes the 2017 models lease better because of the higher residual values.

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Can you post an example deal that is currently valid or is your website current?