Is this a good deal? X3 xDrive30i

I’m trying to evaluate a deal as well on a X3 xDrive30i and I am having trouble sorting whether it is good. Can you please help?

MSRP: $53,900
Sell price: $47,860 (includes 5k discount + 1k rebate)
Down: 0 (or just the walk off price)
Monthly (including tax): $646.23
Mileage: 12k

If it’s really $0 due at signing, this is pretty good.

I guess not technically 0 because I pay the taxes and first month, so $1700 down. So perhaps not as good?

It’s not a bad deal for the market. I would verify that the mf is base and not being marked up for the discount being given. You could also apply msd to lower the overall cost of the lease. My opinion only, if you are comfortable with the payments and it’s the right car go for it :+1:

Do you ever recommend leasing loaner cars?

Is this a loaner?

This one isn’t. But I think I got a better deal with a loaner one.

MSRP: $52k
Sell price: $43k
Miles: 12k
Down: 0 (walk off price of 1700)
Monthly: 585

Nothing wrong with a loaner, but you might be on the hook for an extra service (12k x 3 yr + loaner miles) – might push you over 40k miles (I believe BMW is every 10k intervals, not sure how many services they include nowadays). Also might be on the hook for tires/brake towards the end of the lease. It is also a lower trim build for the loaner – make sure it has the features you want (e.g., keyless entry, which was an option when I considered the X3 in 2019). Without looking into the numbers/taxes more, doesn’t seem like a screaming deal, but definitely seems like a fair deal in today’s market…

Really helpful! Thank you!

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