Is this a good deal on equinox LT awd?

Msrp 30k
Drive off 930( first month payment title registration etc
Montly 235 including tax


I would say that is a good deal. What state is this?


What rebates to did you get?

950 lease cash nd 1000 private offer … Dont know what the remaining one is…may be he just put remaining discount as rebate…

Looks like a great deal to me. New Chevys are very well equipped and I’d take that in a heartbeat if I was looking for an SUV.

Did you have to work to get the selling price down or did they just offer the $3700 off MSRP?

Please update if you decided to pull the trigger on this deal.

How many miles per year is this? I may have missed it on the sheet.

17: TERM: 36

36 months