Is this a good deal on Bolt Premier?

2018 Bolt Premiere.
Here is what I am getting.

$1200 Down and $390.55 36 months 12K miles lease.

So I have three questions.

  1. There is a customer cash line item at the bottom right which is $1200 USD and there is amount due at lease signing. Do I pay $1200 USD + whatever number listed under “Amount Due at Lease signing” ?

  2. Is it a good deal on primere they say the MSRP is $42,635

3 Money factor is 2.1 is it MF or APR?


Do you or your spouse own a Japanese car? If so you should qualify for conquest rebate 2k …

$1200 is what you pay out of pocket plus $390.55 per monthx35 This is almost $15k lease not very good. I would wait until October for better deals.

The $4k rebate already includes $2500 Asian conquest.

Yes we do have Japanese car

What would a good deal look like ? $250 /Month and no down?

I wouldn’t know right now the bolts are just not leasing well.

For comparison, my sister leased the 2017 premier with no packages for 10k for about $7200 one pay but that was with gm employee discount, without probably would have been about $8600 plus $700 Costco cash card.

In October in socal, similar premier with 12k was leasing for $297 per month with $0 drive off plus $700 Costco cash card.

Of course we don’t have time machine but I think the deal would be much better in the fall if you can wait.

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