Is this a good deal on a Tahoe?

Getting quotes over email is proving to be difficult. These dealerships hate to give out numbers for some reason.

Here is a quote I received from a Houston Dealer
What do ya’ll think?

with tahoes helps a lot on the rebate end of things. looks like no current lease?

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Also, your #s are padded with 700 of junk (theft protection + tint). Have them at least remove the theft protection, and potentially both if you don’t care about the tint. The rear windows should be tinted from the factory anyways.

"Getting quotes over email is proving to be difficult. "…don’t take that…read up and use some of the ideas posted on getting some competitive quotes. If dealers don’t have to compete they won’t…so do your homework and go for it.

That’s correct, no current lease, leasing virgin actually.

This is another lease I got.

stay in the 2018 unless you’re going lower trim like LS

My experience getting quotes over email was similar for non luxury brands. I used a few strategies. One was test driving car at a few places, admittedly easier for me to do than most with the plethora of dealerships in Northern VA. Got the quick BS quote (which usually involved above MSRP sale price when working numbers backwards) and then left dealership. Then got a Costco quote. Costco quote was nothing special but still way lower number. Then when the saleman I had worked with called to see if I was still interested, I said the Costco number was way better, I think we are too far apart and thanked them for their time…then they came back with much stronger numbers. Few days later I was where I wanted to be. Of course, this strategy wouldn’t work as well when you don’t have 5+ dealers to play off each other.


I like the gameplan… I have a bunch of dealerships around me.

Only one question, what is a Costco quote?

Costco auto buying program. Just like truecar but for me it was a bit lower than truecar and also provided a detailed breakdown. I actually think it provided what would be a fair purchase price for the average buyer. Had to prod the Costco auto program referred dealer a few times to send me the sheet without me going in - that dealer was 45 minutes from my house - but eventually he did.