Is this a good deal on a loaner 2020 bmw 3 series

$44,645 MSRP

$38,495 sales price

4k miles

Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $422

Monthly Payment with Tax: $454

Drive-Off: $1,316

  • First Month Payment: $454
  • Down Payment: $0
  • Upfront Fees: $749
  • Upfront Taxes: $112

Disposition Fee: $350

Total Lease Cost: $17,273

Leasehackr Score: 8.4 years

What incentives are rolled into that sales price? What MF are they charging?

1k conquest incentive is the only incentive I received. I am unable to find a dealership that is currently offering an OL code and I do not qualify for loyalty or recent grad. The money factor they offered was 0.00158 which was high , but they claimed that it was not negotiable and it was the best rate I could get .

With the incentive pulled out and the discount adjusted for the MF mark up, you’re at about 9.5% pre-incentive discount. That’s low for a new vehicle and really really low for a fart car.

There is also $750 lease credit. So your incentives must be $1750 total. Which makes the dealer discount even lower.

any advice on how I should approach this. I told the dealer that wasn’t a good deal, and he laughed at my face and said go else where .

He did a favor to you so listen to him and contact other dealers. Don’t talk to them in person use your computer.

@avocautos @BMWDavid @BMW_Dave sorry guys, do your thing.

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Sounds like he gave you good advice

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There are other deals elsewhere. You can laugh in a week or so when he calls you back with an(other) offer

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i love this mentality. hope it is true.

Thanks for looping me in, chocolat. Agree w/ the rest of my esteemed colleagues - he who laughs last…

With a crappy offer like that, I wouldn’t be sad if he doesn’t call back