Is this a good deal on a BMW 535i demo?

I am currently being offered this for a 535i demo that has 13k miles (a lot I know)

MSRP: $64k
Sales Price: $49k
Cap cost reduction: $0
Acquisition Fee: $925
Miles/yr: 10k
Residual: 58%
Months: 36
MF: 0.00134
Monthly Payment (w/ tax): $445
Drive Off: $5k
(first mo payment, 7x msd, reg and doc fees, tax, acquisition fee)

is this a good deal? I feel as though I want to push for another 2-3% off to sweeten things, what do you think?

@willwar14 little high on the drive-off otherwise it’s a good deal

I’d roll the taxes in the payment. How many miles are on it?

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@Yinzer he wrote it has 13k miles on it

13,000 miles on the odometer is going to cost you $3,125 against the residual, Ironically, higher mileage demo cars can be more expensive the lower mileage ones.

Oh ya i missed that. Little over 500 for a 13k demo is a little high imo.