Is this a good deal on a 2019 Corvette Stingray?

Yes another dealer would still need to submit your app, but this first dealer might be bumping the rate on you. Any idea what your credit score is?

For a corvette yeah. Better than most corvette numbers in my opinion. Makes the rule of thumb.

706 will probably bump you down a tier I didn’t qualify for the A+ rate or whatever Ally called it and mine was around 740 at the time. Got the dealer to lower the price a bit though to compensate. The large forum dealers are offering 15% off right now

You need well above a 10% dealer discount to make this make sense. mid-engine is coming and I posted an article on here a few months ago about how Corvettes are sitting on dealer lots for well over a year now. Corvettes are overflowing and you should go see a different dealer.

There’s a reason the other vette deal fell through with this dealer. They think they have gold when there is so much inventory around the country. They’ll keep paying fees on keeping the car on the lot. I guess the owner likes looking at it.

Found out my uncle is no longer a GM employee so I can’t get that discount, and I won’t be able to use that loyalty discount since it is registered to a different address. I am being told that I would have to put down $5500 and $515 / month since she can’t go lower on the price

Credit Karma doesn’t give you a Fico score, so that score doesn’t mean much. Get an actual Fico score so you’re not surprised when they submit your app.

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Found one with more options at a different dealer that has it listed for $54,813 with GM discount for all, found that exact one listed by a different sales person at the dealership on eBay for $51,765. Going to try and get them to match the price they posted it on eBay for

Best of Luck! 51k is a great price.

Not a bad monthly payment for such an awesome car!! Have fun :grinning::blue_car: